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reduce, reuse, Freecycle, recycle

January 29, 2010

After you’ve reduced your consumption, reused what you can, and before you send the leftovers to the recycling facility, consider Freecycling!

Freecycling is a free service that connects people with free resources to those who need/want them.  The goal is to reduce waste, landfill use, and to create community.

This is how it works:

  • Sign up for the email list that serves your area
  • Read up on the guidelines for participating (they’re very simple, but important)
  • If you have something to give away:  post information to the email list
  • If you see something you want:  contact the person to arrange pick up
  • If you are looking for something you want:  post a “wanted” notice to the group

You can get your emails in a few different formats:

You can get each post in a seperate email, or you can get it compiled in what is called a “digest” (pictured at right).  Choose which is easiest for you to manage.

-thanks to AmeriCorps friends who turned me on to this-

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